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Vinicius and Gesse House

Guests of Mar Brasil Hotel are able to visit on its premises, the house where he lived the poet Vinicius de Moraes Rio between 1974 and 1980 with his Bahian wife, actress Gessy Gesse. Built on the seafront of Itapuã, the address where the couple lived their love story is an invitation to leisure. The house of Vina as friends nicknamed Vinicius, was frequented by artists and was stronghold of its partnerships, birthplace of famous songs and part of the vast and important work left by the poet.

Today, in addition to a restaurant, the space houses the Memorial Casa di Vina, open free to the public. The preservation project and Memory House is an initiative of Brazil Mar Hotel.


Preserved in its original architecture, and Vinicius Gesse house now houses the Memorial Casa di Vina, where are exposed objects, photos and documents the history of the couple and the little-known passage of the poet from Bahia. The visit can still be enjoyed ancient sculptures and tiles of artist Udo Knoff and the panel painted by Bel Borba in honor of Vinicius friendship with the painter Calazans Neto. The artistic intervention of space is inspired by the stories told by Gesse in his book "My Life with the Poet" and the collection kindly provided by actress.


Seeking to continue Vinicius habit of promoting music and poetry reading in your home, the Memorial held cultural events like musical project Night di Vina. In an atmosphere of intimate soiree, the Night di Vina has received renowned artists of Bahian and Brazilian scene, like the Ganhadeiras Itapuã, Shanghai, Manuela Rodrigues, Gereba Barreto, Luciano Bahia and Claudia Cunha.